Rio de Janeiro, August, 11– It is 8:30 in the morning, sun is shining and wind is blowing. Another great day of sailing, Finns will be imside the Bay, Escola Naval course. Yesterday same direction wind did not make it through the Bay but today i am confident. a supposed light wind venue so far is windier than expected and king Gilles Scott has taken the commanding role, even if he does not look as relaxed as he always does.

In the other classes the windsurfer will be back on the water (Niteroi course) with surprising italian Flavia Tartaglini leading the women fleet and Nick Dempsey in command of the male. Also in the water the Nacra 17 mixed cat, after the yesterday  tricky conditions, they are looking for something better off Copacabana beach

It is a big day today we will let you know how it went…