When I was a young hopeless but hopeful sailor, I was always trying to learn from the greatest, so once with Sir David Howlett we went to Poole to get to know Rodney Pattisson, a legendary three Olympic Medal winner in the Flying Dutchman class. The FD was just out of the Games but he still kept his legendary Superdocious* in his garage and the Morgan …outside.

Rodney Pattisson with his two Golds and one Silver Medals

Rodney Pattisson with his two Golds and one Silver Medals

We went into his house, he looked at me suspiciousely and when I asked him to see his medals …he said no, but after a second he threw at me his silver medal… He said: “You are italian, you might steel my gold medals”. So I had his silver medal in my hands, maybe signs of things to come… Then we went racing in a trimarn, me and sid, himself and his 90 years old father. His father was mooving around on the small tri like a rocket. We got out but kicked as you would expect from such a champion, he went away full of energy. The man had innovated sailing and lived for sailing and only through sailing all his life long.

Genial Rodney Pattisson, thanks for the honour.


*The original name of his FD was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious…


Rodney Pattisson

Born: August 5th 1943, Campbeltown, Scotland, UK (age 73)

Itchenor Sailing Club


Olympic Medals

Mexico City/Acapulco 1968 Gold Flying Dutchman

Munich/Kiel 1972 Gold Flying Dutchman

Montreal/Kingston Silver Flying Dutchman


World Champion: Flying Ducthman (3)