We received from FX Gold Medallist Martine Soffiatti Grael this contribution about the topic “Is sailing still green?” Martine Grael, not only a magic athlete that just won gold in Rio in one of the most thrilling medal races ever, but she is a sensitive and beautiful person that really cares, one example of the type of athlete we should be utmost proud of, thanks.

Martine Grael

Martine Grael

Sailing is supposed to be a sport of intelligent people. but it doesn’t match with the number of plastic bottles that I see every day in the ribs and running ashore.
My mom collects objects to throw in the rubbish when she is walking the dogs and she took pictures to show me, during a event been held in Rio, of plastic bottles with sailors names that probably flew from the coach boats. Many times!
How many times I’ve seen plastic bags from the grip gloves used by sailors. They last 1-2 days in the boys hands. Ask any of the 49er men teams how many gloves they have used on this cycle. Tons!

Then getting the scale bigger… how many docks were necessary to hold all the boats in the Olympics and in the test event in Santander 2014? An unimaginable amount of gas being spent every day to guarantee your team has the same as the best teams.
And finalising with boat production.
I try to be aware of my footprint, I don’t accept plastic bags in supermarkets, I bike everywhere, compost all I can…
But what’s the point if I have used 4 boats in my campaign.
Solution for that is not too far from discussion. Could be a bit polemic.

All the olympic classes can deal with training on their own. At least we thought it was possible otherwise we wouldn’t have started,
but ISAF or the governing authority (World Sailing) should prohibit it in championships, just like it works in the youth worlds. A big boat with the interested coaches.

Then World Sailing could also limit the amount of new sails that can be used at regattas per year. That would make sailors have to choose witch sails to spare for special events and use more their used sails. That would definitely also help with costs for an olympic campaign as well.

At the end, I think our very clever sailors are more worried in self glory than in common good to deal with what is best for future generations.
Any comments???
obs.: why did they need that number of official ribs in each race course in the Olympics?