Today the World Sailing President Carlo Croce presented his manifesto for re-election. Values promoted are of course fully endorsable, though as they are absolute and general, in case others will decide to run, they’ll end up saying more or less the same, so at the end the man with the strongets support and personality will win.

The UK based communication Consultancy Vero Comunication is a step up in World Sailing history, as never before such kind of professional approach to comunication was used in former ISAF/World Sailing elections.

We will present all documents that any candidate will present and whish the best to sailing.

The opening page of the Manifesto PDF

The opening page of the Manifesto PDF

Press release below:

“Carlo Croce, who is standing for a second and final term as President of World Sailing [WS], has today unveiled his election Manifesto “A New Era for World Sailing” [attached].  His Manifesto builds on what has already been achieved in his first term as President and includes six themes which would underpin and guide his final Presidential term.  The Decision to elect the next WS President will be made at its Annual Conference which will be held in Barcelona in November 2016. The six themes that underpin “A New Era for World Sailing” are:
·         Ensure World Sailing is a global leader in sporting governance
·         Become a world leader in ocean sustainability
·         Embrace innovation to drive the global growth of Sailing
·         Establish one-design standards to ensure athletes are competing fairly
·         Consolidate Sailing’s place in the Olympic Games
·         Ensure the return of Para Sailing to the Paralympic Games

Carlo Croce, President of World Sailing said:

“My Manifesto builds on what has already been achieved in my first term as World Sailing President, and I am confident that the ideas I have outlined are not only deliverable, they would also herald an exciting new era of growth for our organisation and for the sport of Sailing.  My Manifesto is rooted in the opportunities of tomorrow and our unique heritage.  It is this approach that would underpin my second and final term as World Sailing President if I have the honour of being re-elected.
“Since being elected President of the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) in 2012, I am proud of what we have achieved together, particularly a significantly enhanced Emerging Nations Programme, steps to improve governance, the appointment of a top class Chief Executive in Andy Hunt, the development of a new Sailing World Cup strategy and securing a five year deal with GAZPROM International as a top level sponsor.”
“I believe that given my track record as President of World Sailing and the measures I have outlined in this Manifesto, that I am the right person to help lead our sport into a new era of opportunity, innovation and modern governance.  I very much look forward to speaking to the global Sailing family over the coming months to listen and exchange views on ensuring our great sport continues to prosper and flourish in the years ahead.  It would be an enormous privilege for me, working in full partnership with the Sailing family, to serve as President for a final term, and I believe that we have much to look forward to as we prepare for the next phase of our development.”