We stopped writing on the blog one month before the November conference, as we did not want to speak too loud. We did not agree with most of what happened to olympic sailing last year. The election was a really brutal fight with some low blows but now it’s over. We have a new board, a new President, no brit for the first time ever at the top of our association, a good mix of countries and culture. It is time to forget the toughness of the election and reconciliate and think about the future.

Paolo Giargia (ITA), Laser Radial, at the AON Youth Sailing Worlds in Auckland. Photo sailing energy

Paolo Giargia (ITA), Laser Radial, at the AON Youth Sailing Worlds in Auckland. Photo sailing energy

How to make sailing stronger, how best to promote it. For the first time World Sailing officies can end up outside the UK, as the board has shortlisted four possible candidate cities, Southampton and London in the UK, Barcelona and Valencia in Spain. Making sailing stronger has to include devicing a path to promote better managers, coaches and athletes for our sport, and why not thinking that the choice will also enable our sport to have the first sailing connected and integrated  middle and high school and university under the umbrella of the world bod, with a series of subjects that enhance the profile of the future leaders in our sport, from aerodynamic to fluidodynamic, from yacht design to tidal energy, from managent to sport psychology, from sport physiology to management…

Why not thinking of promoting sailing as a activity to form the new leaders with ethics at the forefront of the learning path, and tollerance and forward thinking as the trade mark? Why not having the offices of World Sailing where huge sailing events can be run from and create a sinergy that goes far beyond what anyone thinks of now? Why not, by doing that, increase the chance of rivitalize passion and investments of major companies in our sport at all levels, but specially at youth level having the goal to increase active sailors by ten times within the next twenty years?

New thinking and new objectives to make sure more people will have the chance to enjoy our magic passion, sailing. A lot can be done, bringing our sport forward and embracing the new forward thinking ideas of circular economy, sustainability and making the sport more accessible, though linked with values and ethics…

Happy new year to all of you and remeber the old say, a bad day sailing always beats a good day working.