While terrible weather, strong winds and huge waves up to 6 meters followed by enormous sea but no wind, are making training nearly impossible in Valencia in the last four days, we are very happy to report that finally World Sailing has tacked onto the right shift. They published meaninful and good entry quota for the Aarhus Worlds, scheduled for 2018.

Finn training in heavy seas in Valencia

Finn (Victor Gorostegui, ESP) training in heavy seas in Valencia

That will allow large numbers of sailors to enter. The entry quota will be based on results of this year’s Worlds. Some common sense is back in the game and we are very happy that what we hoped for, ie regrouping and starting again from the Aarhus Worlds is happening. For 2017-2018 we need a good regatta circuit and to continue on the good tack. For the first time since long we are happy and looking forward to  a fabolous racing season.


Click below to read the qualification process for the Aarhus Worlds: