And so… slowly slowly, the hype of Rio is vanishing and even Rio is the past. We have been extremely lucky and weather and wind have blessed the Olympics in Rio. They have been legendary. So… who wants to win in Tokio, who wants to have a shot at glory needs to start training, planning four years so that in Japan he will be in the best shape of his life.


Aussie Tim Burton just after his Gold Medal terrific effort in the Laser Medal Race. Photo Sailing Energy

Aussie Tom Burton just after his Gold Medal terrific effort in the Laser Medal Race. Photo Sailing Energy


Here my advice on how to get to Tokio in the best shape ever.

Start training from mid November 2016, continuity the name of the game, choose a venue with good wind and weather all year around. Make this venue your home, love every minute of training, and plan the quad at present in a fairly general way. Use the first two years to get the best at boat handling, to get the best at starting. Do not waist any time on the gear just go sailing, do it in a group and have fun though sail at least twenty days a month.

Shape your body for the class you love, make sure you are the right weight and work a lot on endurance and make sure your recovery times are the best possible. Learn about yourself, your mind and your emotions, write down your sportive history and try to identify your repetitive  patterns.

Race but not too much, learn about how to eat properly, learn to go to bed early and split training session during the day so that you avoid getting catabolic though learn to push yourself.

Do not focus on results, focus on your learning curve, learn to race with the mobile phone switched off from a week prior to the main events, forget social networks and all distraction. Learn that your sport is your job and learn to give it the best all the time. Do not overtrain, keep always sessions not too long as when they get too long, you are learning to sail slow, as it will be impossible to be intense all the time, though by training with continuity you will get better and better every day.


470 sailing in Rio. POhoto sailing energy

470 sailing in Rio. Photo sailing energy


Find a good coach that has simple clear and positive ideas. Forget about politics, never get involved in any issue. Just focus on being the best regardless of the trial system or wind condition. Think positive, think that you can do it.

Once the ground work has been done, once two years of solid training will be yours, the third year work on gear to make sure you get to be among the fastest. Learn about the ideal life span of sails and hulls. Take care of your boat, love your boat, and race as hard as you can, results will get better and better, and so if you will have qualified you’ll use that last year to prepare the Games.

Don’t travel too much, forget about going back and forth to Japan like a maniac, train hard and get there with a happy mind and alert, get to the Olympics rested and ready!


Facundo Olezza went for the win in his first Olympic race. Photo Sailing Energy

Facundo Olezza, the young argentinian managed to win two races in his first Olympics. He is one of the Dinghy Academy guys. Photo Sailing Energy


This is what we do at Dinghy Academy, we start the 15 of November. Valencia is our chosen venue, we build up our training group, we make our passion our life, we become a group of friends. Some will win, some will not, but all will enjoy taking on the challenge, the greatest sportive challenge you can find… Qualify to be one of the 10.500 athletes that compete at the Games, and once done that, try to be among the 1000 medallists that have the joy of getting all the way up the podium.