Rio de Janeiro, Brasil- A cidade maravilhosa… the marvellous city is something different. The mix of poverty and wealth, natural beauty and disastrous architecture makes Rio de Janeiro a unique place where contrast is strong… favelas and people sleeping in the streets, violence and insecurity, but at the same time the incredible friendliness and warmth of the local people makes the Olympic experience something new and completely unseen.


The waters of Guanabara Bay are polluted, no doubt about that, though it is quite unlikely you will catch any illness. Here you just have to live differently, walk around poorly dressed, with no expensive watch or wallet and just a few reials in your pocket. Choose the right place at any time, use a bit of thought and Rio will be one incredible experience.

Last night we went to a simple Brazilian restaurant, futebol was on TV, then a band came in and all of a sudden we were experiencing a carioca party, old ladies and blokes dancing and having fun… drinking chopi… that is what you call a chilled beer here, and magic energy.

This is Brazil and this makes the Olympics here special. Zika is not really a threat, as long as you have a healthy immune system all will be ok. You just have to remember, that it is not home, this is magic Brazil…