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Volvo Ocean “Fastnet” Race

Ocean and offshore

Volvo Ocean Race will use next Rolex Fastnet Race, the biennial blue water icon regatta, as part of the warming up strategy due to the 2017-18 edition of the round the world race. In the sixth of a series of 10 major announcements in…

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New World Sailing Rules App launched

New projects

World Sailing and the Royal Yachting Association announced the launch of the brand new World Sailing App. Using the eBook technology and expertise of the RYA, who over the last six years have established a comprehensive library of interactive eBooks,…

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Learning to fly… Nacra 17 in full foiling mode

New projects

After initial testing by a factory team, from this week on the prototypes of the Nacra 17 modified for full foiling capabilities will pass to the capable hands of olympic crews, those who will be using the boat in Tokyo…

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World Sailing, new logo announced… again

New projects

Wow, two new logos and two re-branding in a nine months time. This could be a record… We received today the press release sent by World Sailing about the new WS positioning with a new pink and blue logo. You…

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