Have long thought about it and watched some of the new America’s Cup days racing and I found difficullt to like the show… Actually it means nothing to me, really cannot get excited at four bikers, a guy with a tablet and someone steering like you’d steer a motorboat. Even less armonic the boats with the grinders. Yes, surely, Percy is giving it all to keep the idraulic circuit pumped up, but the fact that his action is kind of totally unrelated from the cat makes them looks like coming from a different planet.

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This is not the revolution that will bring the youngsters and the kids to sailing, it is just so boring, with the bounderies limiting the tactics, the majority of the calls are identical and race after race not much is there to keep you interested. Today I fall asleep, while watching the AC ripping at 40 knots, but what does relative speed means? As for the excitment absolutely nothing. so here we are… I am sounding like a old fart, and I am a old fart soon clocking 55. Things are changing, I am getting less tolerant and less excitable, also in our Academy, as I really cannot see some behaviours anymore and expect serious training and a minimum of education.

03/06/2017 - Bermuda (BDA) - 35th America's Cup Bermuda 2017 - Louis Vuitton America's Cup Qualifiers

03/06/2017 – Bermuda (BDA) – 35th America’s Cup Bermuda 2017 – Louis Vuitton America’s Cup Qualifiers

I need to understand and you, our beloved readers can help me, am I just becoming a grumpy old man or is really the AC gone towards s a new format that despite huge technological jumps makes the show more meaningless than ever? Let me have your feedback, as when I watch the Cup what it does to me is it makes me fall asleep😉 and in comparison when I see onboard footage of the TP52 I love it.

TP52 exciting sailing. Photo Nico Martinez

TP52 exciting sailing. Photo Nico Martinez